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Indische tempeldans


Dit evenement eindigde op di 08 september 2020

In deze lessen leert Ashu Devgune je Bharatnatyam of Indische tempeldans. In augustus 2020 enkel repetities, geen lessen. Ashu is een professionele danseres, choreografe en lesgeefster, gespecialiseerd in Indische dansen zoals Bharatnatyam (of tempeldans), Bollywood, Indische folk dans zoals Kalbelia, Ghoomer, Cheri en Lavni.

Prijs: 10 euro per les
Draag comfortabele kledij.

Bharatnatyam (also known as a temple dance)

Bharatanatyam, a pre-eminent Indian classical dance form presumably the oldest classical dance heritage of India is regarded as mother of many other Indian classical dance forms. Theoretical base of this form traces back to 'Natya Shastra', the ancient Sanskrit Hindu text on the performing arts. (More than 2000 years old) A form of illustrative anecdote of Hindu religious themes and spiritual ideas emoted by dancer with excellent footwork and impressive gestures its performance repertoire includes nrita, nritya and natya.